Be aware of the new FRSC traffic rule

Good morning all. Please be aware of the new FRSC traffic rule below.
Arising from observed aggravating crashes and

disobedience to road traffic laws and regulation, beginning from 1 July, 2017, the following life threatening offences shall be viewed more seriously and offenders caught subjected to psychiatric examination to determine their mental wellness: 

(1) Use of Phone While Driving 

(2) Route Violation

(3) Traffic Light Violation and 

(4) Dangerous Driving as well as Overloading
Such offenders shall have their driver’s licenses withdrawn pending confirmation of their of their sanity or otherwise. In addition, such persons shall bear the full cost of such consultation, which shall be at a recognised public medical facility. 

This nation can no longer watch the lives and property of its citizens wasted by a few nonconformists on the highways. 

FRSC cares, you must also care because together we must make this nation greater. 

Play your part now!
This new law will become effective 1st of July 2017.


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