John Wesley 1703-1791 

 By 1726 he had MA degree& a fellow of Lincoln

College,Oxford Shortly after he was ordained & became curate to his father 2 yes later. He was summoned to Oxford to assist in College Tuition. One of 19 children of his parents.

 At Oxford he was made leader of Holy Club of christian devotees derisively called Methodists. Later went with Governor of Georgia USA to evangelise settlers& Indians.

 He said “I who went to convert others,was never converted”! 

He was still under conviction of sin& concerned about a lack of assurance of forgiveness.

 One memorable night (May241738) he went to a meeting in Aldersgate Street & hearing the preface to the Epistle to the Romans at about quarter to nine,

“I felt my heart strangely warmed I felt I did trust in Christ,Christ alone & became assured of Salvation! & forgiveness…”

Let’s celebrate a Man of God, a great preacher and Evangelist who valued his salvation experience mor than any other thing, even more than his date of birth; that he chose his date of encounter with the Lord, May 24th 1738 as his birthday.


I celebrate the God of John Wesley!

I celebrate the Father of Pentecostalism!


I celebrate the path that led to the birth of Methodism.

Worthy is the Lamb! Alleluyah!


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