The new earning way to work at home


This is one of the ways you can still make income for your living while you don’t quit that your job.
All you need to  sign up is your phone number and password

★Get 100% of your investment in 30days
Walletfortune is now offering its participants 100% ROI in 30days

There is a 20% automatic

recommitment poli


cy to always ensure sustainability

  ★In Walletfortune  you can also get
5% direct referral bonus

5%, 3% and 1% referral bonus as a manager


wen you sow an amount I.e 50k, you’ll be matched immediately with another participant to pay 10% (down payment) of that amount I.e 5k. You’ll be given 48hours to make the payment. After being confirmed by the other participant your days to reap starts counting. You’ll be matched to pay the remaining 90% in 14days
Then in the 30th day you’ll be allowed to Reap 100% of what you sowed…

Note: you’ll receive a text from WAFO when your 10% payment is confirmed, indicating your reap date and time.

Register now through

Note you are to use your spare
cash, understood?.

WhatsApp link


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