*Greatest FUNAABITES!!!!!!*

*#ContributeYourQuota* *#FerryMustLive*

I am writing this to all concerned funaabites and I hope we all get this and act on it. I have been thinking about this and could not sleep.

Enough of all the RTs and BCs, its time to actually send money into that account and get the mission to be accomplished. I want to call our attentions to something’s and I believe they are really important and we need not neglect them, they are:

1. *Individual contributions* : I believe that if all Funaabites should try and contribute the minimum of #1000 or more we are getting somewhere. Thanks in advance.

2. *Associations/Organizations* : I was once there and I know its very possible for departmental associations to contribute #50K upward while College and larger association can do more,(we know how far this will go if we actually get their contributions) Thanks in advance.

3. *Religious bodies*: not to mention names but I believe that if each Christian Fellowships  and Muslim communities should contribute their own quota it will surely get us somewhere. Thanks in advance.

4. *Our Daddies and Mummies*: If not all but many lecturers decide to add something individually or as bodies which we have lots of them, I know things will be different. Thanking you Sirs and Mas in advance.

5. Everyone’s *Prayer* for quick access to fund, a successful surgery and quick recovery.


*Account number to pay to: 0142237435*

I believe by the time all these are dropped in a week, we would have gotten somewhere and even help will come from the most unexpected places.
We might not have a government yet but we are forever *#UNITED* no doubt about this, let us show the world how *#UNITED*we are.

God bless us all.
There are also some other plans on ground in making this a reality, people need to volunteer and make themselves available, some are through with exams some have lesser papers remaining and some can just be extra selfless.


To *volunteer for this movement *#ContributeYourQuota* *#FerryMustLive*
call the following numbers:

Temidayo- 08162870502
Deborah- 08139350024
Eniola – 07038403567

*I am really concerned*




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