How to activate Quickteller services


How to activate Quickteller services on your Cards( MasterCard, Visa, Verve) so you can use all Quickteller services which includes Vogue payment, Cash Transfer, Bills Payment and ETC


Go to the ATM machine( preferably GTB, Zenith bank, First Bank) insert your card and put the pin.

Go to Quickteller options.. choose “Bills” payments>>> then select “OTHERS” it will now ask you to type the Biller code.. type “322222” please Verify “322222” so you don’t make mistake.. after That you will ask for customer’s reference number just put your phone number there and Continue. It’s will ask you to “accept due amount” press YES or continue.. After that it will ask of phone numbers, just put your phone number there and Continue…


Now you’ve Done…!! You will get a message like “Verve SafeToken Activation payment of NGN 1.00 for 07037815458 was successful. REF: 9999100717133404KNRF”  deduction will be made of 101 Naira from your Account…you are good to go.. Card activated!!


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