Are we cursed or what? With all the abundance in this country!


This is really disturbing…

Last night while surfing the net, I stumbled on some very shocking information. Do you know China generates about 5,682TW

(Terawatts) of electricity. I’m pretty sure 99% of Nigerians don’t even know what a Terawatts is…

If I remember correctly, some time last year the Minister of Power said Nigeria has the potential of generating 12,000MW (Megawatts) but unfortunately we’ve only attained a maximum of 5,000MW in the history of a country of 180million people.

Now I decided to use a converter to see what China and other industrialized nations who operate within the Terawatts region will generate in Megawatts.

So let’s convert terawatts to megawatts;

China. 5,682,000,000MW
USA.   4,324,000,000MW
India.  1,368,000,000MW
Japan.   995,000,000MW
UK.         338,000,000MW
Nigeria.              5,000MW

Seriously Nigerians, is this possible? Did I make a mistake in my conversion because I don’t want to believe this…

Are we cursed or what? With all the abundance in this country! What sort of people are we? Yet we rally round these politicians and so called clergy men and support blindly based on tribe or religion, when at the long run we’re the ones being screwed!

How can a nation of over 180million people depend on less than 5,000MW of power? How can we grow economically? Where will the development come from when we don’t have the capacity.


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