Deeper life Bible Church @ 44



*(5TH AUGUST, 1973- 5TH AUGUST, 2017)*


Today, been 5 of August 2017 DEEPER LIFE CHRISTIAN MINISTRY which is still known as DEEPER LIFE BIBLE CHURCH is now 44 years in existence (founded 5 August 1973).
By God’s grace is one of the biggest and fastest growing

church in Africa. Also by the grace of God it till standing on her doctrines, faith, belief and


mandate. Remaining unchanged and uncompromising though the  wind of compromise has been blowing round the bible believing churches (Though the persecution, temptation and mockery).
Our belief is Holiness unto the Lord


Our mandate is to win the lost souls
Our vision is to get to heaven at last.

May God continue to give us grace to remain steadfast for Him and give our leader, our Moses, our priest and our general Pastor W.F Kumuyi the grace to continue leading us in the way of the Lord till we all get to heaven in JESUS NAME.


“Earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saint”

Happy birthday to all the DEEPER LIFE MEMBERS, friends, and well wishers. We love you all.

*DCLM – Your spiritual welfare is our concern! ……..*



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