Npower, n-teach questions; solutions(answers)


Don’t wait until message is sent to you for the n-power, n-teach, go to the site, click menu then test, put your phone number and

BVN to check your exam date.

This is to inform the public that the n-power, n-teach started yesterday, the questions was cheap and the same time hard, but do you know one thing in life in every problems no matter how difficult it is, there is always a strategically solutions way out.

That of the computer aspects was not so that easy thoes that have written theirs can bear me  witness.

The animation, graphic, CGI, programming, Java, Oracle etc was the main problem that might going to hinder some persons not to be selected, apart from the current affairs, English, general knowledge which was very easy.

But there is away out for that computer issues aspects  (everything related to computer), don’t be scared relax all questions is 20 minutes each, but the part for choosing your device  is 5 minutes, make sure you submit your questions.

The solution for computer aspects is, read well oh; is copy the question and put question mark in it, then put full stop,then write, on Google search engine, then start looking and clicking it from the first one above, then the search result will bring the answer, click the ones with, till you see your answer, if there is no answer guess any of the answer in the option

example: question
The word animation in Japanese is  ——-
(a) anime
(b) animox
(c) animz
(d) anism

copy; the word Japanese animation is and put in Google then add question mark then fulstop, then
e.g The word animation in Japanese is?
Good luck.


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