18 consequences of abortion


why abortion? you may ask, but is it the right solution to murder or kill just to safeguard your image, to hide the shame it brings upon the family/ out of wedlock, to

continue with their initial interest ( academic or apprenticeship) or may be lack of financial support- low social economic status, isn’t it?, but abortion is morally wrong.

The consequences are:


* Damage to cervical muscles.
* Damage to uterine muscles which may result in uterine perforations.
* Infections.
* Hemorrhage ( bleeding).
* Blood clotting disorder.
* Sterility – inability to conceive and bear children in future.


* Ectopic pregnancy ( pregnancy in the fallopian tubes).
* 17.5% chance if miscarriage in the future and 24.3% likelihood of complications during future pregnancies ( Grugni, 1970).
* Menstrual disturbances.
* Fever.
* Insomnia ( sleeplessness).
* Loss of appetite.
* Weight loss.
* Exhaustion.
* Decrease work capacity.
* Vomiting.
* Gastrointestinal disturbances.
* Frigidity.


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