Good NewsTo all Institutions( Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges and Academics) Aspirants

Finally it as been approved an oganization has been formed called NUPCAM (Nigeria universities, Polytechnics, Colleges and Academics Admission Media).

Aspirants can now receive legit information from their School I.e Universities( Federal, state and Private), Polytechnics(Federal, State and Private), Colleges( Federal, State and Private), and Academics(l.e NDA) they are aspiring for by subscribing with NUPCAM.

Amazing: You will be receiving information through your mobile as SMS. You don’t need to be Online wasting Data on information that is not legit.
Admission officers and some staffs of each Institution promised to send Information to NUPCAM concerning this year admission 2018.

Note: NUPCAM do not help students for admission. They only forward important information about Admission to students.


• To inform students if their Institutions release their General and Departmental Cut off mark.

• To inform the subscribed students once their Institutions release their Screening form/Post utme form.

• To inform the subscribed students once their Institutions release their Admission list ( 1st, 2nd, 3rd and supplementary list).

• To prevent students from fake news, and to direct students to their School website.

• To update students that do not have excess Data (MB) and browsing Phone.

• To update students that always busy at work.
NUPCAM is available and created for all Nigeria Institutions Aspirants.


* JAMB students

* Direct Entry students

* Post Graduate and 

* Students Applying for Masters degree.

 How much and How to subscribe with NUPCAM?

NUPCAM charged N100(hundred naira only) per Institution. Some students do N1000+ Data subscription every month. If you cannot sacrifice N100(hundred naira) for your admission, then definitely you are not ready for admission. Last year more than1.7 million students sit for JAMB, apart from those that failed, almost 300,000 students do not purchase their Institutions Screening form due to lack of information.
How to subscribe?

Very easy.
Step 1.
Just make sure you have N100 AIRTIME(recharge card) in your mobile Sim. ( MTN, GLO, AIRTEL and 9MOBILE).
Step 2.
You are to send the name of your institution to this code : 35818 

But you must type the this word First 👉🏼(ASPIRANT) then space before the name of the institution then the application type.
See the example below:
1. For JAMB students.
Let assume you chose University of Ibadan as your first choice and you want subscribe. See the guideline below;
ASPIRANT University of Ibadan Jamb
Send the above text to this code: 35818
Note: You must type ASPIRANT first.
2. For Direct Entry students.

Let assume you are aspiring for University of Lagos through D.E. and you want to subscribe just type 
ASPIRANT University of Lagos D.E
and send to 35818
3. For post graduate(Diploma) students. Assuming Aspiring for AHMADU BELLO UNIVERSITY

Just type
ASPIRANT Ahmadu Bello university P.G
4. For Masters degree Students. 

Assuming aspiring for University of Nigeria Nsuka. 

Just type
ASPIRANT University of Nigeria Nsuka M.D
And send it to 35818.
Once you send it, N100 AIRTIME will be deducted from your account.
NUPCAM Gives Update Every day and 4 days interval.

NUPCAM will also sent Departmental Cut off of each Institution to it SUBSCRIBERS.
Note: you can do it for any Institution in Nigeria. 

If you want to subscribe for your 1st , 2nd , and 3rd choice Institutions, it will cost you N300. But you can only do it one after the other. 

The N100 is for the whole year till your institution release all her admission lists.

🔴This is explanatory enough.

Admission will not pass You this year.