About me, what about you? so cheer up!


I became interested in science when I took one of the book in high school. That was my senior year in highschool. I had taken others also in my junior year and I thought it was all right. But I really enjoyed

sciences. I liked the smells and color changes. Most of all, though, I liked the logic of it and the way it helped me see and understand my world in a new way.

I remember being fascinated by the fact that so few different kinds of atoms could create such Marvelous diversity around us. Then there was the matter of learning how things worked, neon lights, fireworks, pressure cookers, batteries, living things, antacids. The list goes on and on. ln fact, learning how things work still fascinates me.

I continue to enjoy sciences. I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to spend my life learning about the world, using my imagination, and interacting with young vibrant students. My wish for you as you study sciences is that you will not let the work of mastering the material interfere with your joy and excitement in learning. let your imagination soar! you may be surprised by what you discover and where it leads you.